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Born in 1962 in Kronstadt, Romania
Lives & works in Erlangen, Germany

His concept for pieces of art is the new romanticism. With atmospheric alienations of reality in line, colour and space he is aiming towards balance in the desire of romanticism.
Creating a morphogenetic abstraction of natural reality (figures, landscape, etc.) forms his topic at his reach for balance in romantic desire, with the archetype of natural legality in de and new compositions.

Christian Lucian Hamsea’s artwork can be found as paintings, sculptures, graphics, public art, photography and object design.
He is combining creativity in unusual media for unique and collection values.

Education and Activities

1994-99 Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, studies in Free Fine Arts
1993-94 University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, studies in Art Pedagogy
1985-88 Kronstadt Art School, Department of Free Graphics

1998-02 and from 2007Part-time lecturer, University Erlangen-Nuremberg
2009 Guest Professor at the State Academy of Arts, Tiflis, Georgia
2009 Honoration with Professor Honoris Causa by the State Academy of Arts Tiflis, Georgia


2015 Select Fair, galerie bruno massa, New York City, USA
2015 Love Art Fair, galerie bruno massa, Toronto, Canada

2014 Affordable Art Fair New York, galerie bruno massa, New York City, USA
2014 Affordable Art Fair Brussels, galerie bruno massa, Brussels, Belgium

2013 Aqua Art Miami, galerie bruno massa, Miami Beach, USA
2013 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, galerie bruno massa, Hamburg, Germany
2013 CUTLOG, galerie bruno massa, Paris, France
2013 Affordable Art Fair Mexico City, galerie bruno massa, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 BAL'TART, galerie bruno massa, Nogent sur Marne, France
2013 (e)merge art fair, galerie bruno massa, Washington DC, USA
2013 Art in Translation at SoHo Art Gallery, galerie bruno massa, Osaka, Japan
2013 Toronto Art Expo, galerie bruno massa, Toronto, Canada
2013 Affordable Art Fair New York, galerie bruno massa, New York City, USA

2012 Toronto Art Expo, Galerie Hors-Champs, Toronto, Canada
2012 Participation at Montserrat, Galerie Hors-Champs (Paris, France), New York, USA
2012 Co-founder of the 1st Biennial of Mural Painting and Public Art, Cali, Colombia

2011 Solo Exhibition Gallery Ars Pro Toto, Erlangen, Germany

2010 Solo Exhibition Gallery Ars Pro Toto, Erlangen, Germany
2010 Coordination "Guerilla Art on the Silkroad - Silk Road Traject 3", Georgia

2009 Solo exhibition “Silk Road Traject” Nuremberg
2009 Participation Nordart 2009
2009 Participation “Transiti Nomadi” San Cesario di Lecce

2008 Participation in the Polish-German art symposium, Erlangen – Warsaw
2008 Guest artist, International Academy Marmaris, Turkey

2007 Solo exhibition, European Capital of Culture, Sibiu, Romania
2007 Participation in “Rags in the Wind II”, Graz, Austria
2007 Participation in The International Salon for Sacral Art, Rasnov, Romania
2007 Solo exhibition “Revedere”, Brasov, Romania
2007 Solo exhibition “Ariadne & Minotaurus”, Erlangen, Germany
2007 Participation in “Stilleben”, Arsprototo Gallery, Erlangen, Germany
2007 Co-founder of The International Artist Camp, Civitella D’Agliano, Italy
2007 Participation in the international exhibition “Giuseppe Garibaldi-Uomo della libertà, uomo dell’umanità-1807-2007”; Bergamo; Italy, Montevideo, Uruguay, Santafé. Argentina

2006 Participation in “Folate Iridescenti”, Vila Doria D’Angri Naples, Italy
2006 Participation in the “London Biennale”
2006 Study Trip to the People’s Republic of China

2005 Solo exhibition Municipal Gallery, Palais Stutterheim, Erlangen
2005 Solo exhibition Münsterland Festival
2005 Participation in “Stracci al Vento”, University of Naples, Italy

2004 Solo exhibition “Painting” Galerie Büsch, Berlin
2004 Co-founder, mural painting festival “Lucero De Alba”, Mexico D.F.
2004 Participation in the mural painting festival, University of Mexico D.F.
2004 Participation in “Arte Muralismo”, Estacion San Lazaro, Mexico D.F.
2004 Participation in Maison Internationale de Rennes, France
2004 Participation in “La Cita Nascosta, Ivrea, Italy

2003 Solo exhibition “Genthiner Elf”, Berlin
2003 Participation “Romanian Artists” Romanian Embassy, Berlin
2003 Solo exhibition Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin

2002 Participation in “Erlangen – Vladimir”, Erlangen, Germany
2002 Participation in “Meeting Point Berlin“, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin

2001 Participation in “Vladimir–Erlangen”, Vladimir, Russia
2001 Participation in the 15th anniversary exhibition Progetto Civitella D’Agliano.- „Un Cammino Europeo“, Viterbo, Italy
2001 Solo exhibition „Kadieva – The Russian Barbizon”, Nuremberg
2000 Solo exhibition, Artistikum Gallery, Nuremberg

2000 Group exhibition, “Im Bild”, Fuerth

1998 Solo exhibition "anima", at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
1998 Wall painting project, City Park South, Celtisstraße, Nuremberg
1996 Participation in the International Miniature Art Biennial, Canada
1995 Solo exhibition “Isles Suggestions” Bucharest and Kronstadt
1994 Participation in “Europart 94”, Avellino, Italy
Debut exhibition at the History Museum: Ancient Town-Hall, in Brasov

Works in Public Collections

History Museum, Brasov. Romania
Commerzbank, Nuremberg, Germany
Fondazione Internationale Arti Visive “Europart 94”, Avellino, Italy
Romanian Fine Artists Association, department Brasov, Romania
Hypovereinsbank AG, Munich, HYPO ART 97
The City of Nuremberg, South Park-Celtisstrasse, wall mural
Town of Vladimir, Russia, Collection of Contemporary Art
Romanian Cultural Institute, “Titu Maiorescu”, Berlin
Romanian embassy, Collection of Contemporary Art
National Museum Bruckenthal, Sibiu, Romania
National Museum, Bishkek, Kirgiz Republic
Internationale Akademie Marmaris, Türkei
Museo Civico de Arte Contemporanea San Cesario di Lecce, Italien
Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, Germany
City of Cali, Columbia.

Prizes and Scholarships

2nd Prize at the Danner Competition 1996, to the theme Cross.
Scholarship to study in Lyon, France, 1998.
Form prize at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg 1998.

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2013-12, Orisha
oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm - 15,7 x 19,7 in

2013-28, Dream Beach
oil on canvas
60 x 80 cm - 23,6 x 31,5 in