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Born in 1975 in Galati, Romania
Lives & works in Paris, France

Ciprian Tocu obtained a Master degree in Design at the Faculty of Plastic, Decorative and Design Arts of the University of Iasi, Romania, in 2001. He lives in Paris, France, since 2003 where he graduated in Luxury Products in Design at the Mode’Spe Institute. Ciprian worked for many years as a designer for home interiors, set exhibitions and ceramic objects. As an artist, he participated in several solo and collective exhibitions of design and painting. Recently, he has been asked by a psychoanalyst to develop an artistic concept around dreams leading to the creation of his last paintings series called “Rêves” which has been exhibited in Paris.

Dreams "Rêves" by Ciprian Țocu

This series originates from repetitive childhood dreams retained in our adult memory. When we wake up, the memories we have of our dreams are often filled with gaps, sometimes we have no recollection of them whatsoever. Dreams can only be known through their manifest content. This content, however, is precisely what psychoanalysis dismisses, concerning itself solely with what is veiled, hidden, and which is referred to as “latent content”. For this transcription, the artist attempted to reproduce a dream rejecting all forms of figurative reproduction. Any attempt to romanticize the dream can only lead us further away from what is really of interest to the dreamer.

The medium used for this series is blotting paper. In the past, blotting paper was used by schoolchildren to absorb excess ink. Used repeatedly until saturated, blotting paper absorbed our history of learning, much in the way of a memory buried deep in our subconscious. In this series, the accumulation of these moments is transposed through the superposition of oversize sheets of blotting paper, much larger than those from our childhood, as if these sheets had grown with us, and absorbed all our memories and experiences over time. The artist turns our dreams into a gigantic map, imbued with our past and our present. This graphic depiction of dreams can be read as a map indicating our position in life.
This piece is made up of the superposition of seven sheets of blotting paper. The first represents the conscious state, the surface of the field of reality. The remaining six are permeated by this reality, but distort it, thereby gradually expressing elements of our subconscious. The Indian ink applied on the surface soaks through the seven layers by capillarity action. The repetitive application of ink on the same starting points of the composition gives life to pictures with profound and abstract images. The ink is then progressively diluted as it spreads through the successive layers. This process is finalized when the composition of the cover page (i.e., consciousness) stops evolving. This image of reality is the only one we can master, as opposed to the dream, represented in the lower layers. The traces left by the dark black ink on each of these pages are unique.

This assemblage is made up of several images which duplicate themselves and yet evolve at the same time. When analyzed, each individual image of the dream can only offer a partial view of the subconscious. The deeper you dig through the successive layers, the more the images become veiled, blurry, and provide a different decoding of the dream. The seven layers of blotting paper on which the ink is applied and which are then dipped several times in water preserve a memory of these shapes. These shapes become more and more diluted, almost invisible at first sight, on the threshold of error, at times offering a negative copy of the preceding page.
Each dream is locked in a transparent, Plexiglas, protective box. Only one of the seven layers is visible. It bears witness to the moment of the dream which was chosen to be revealed. This choice is unique, permanent, and it conceals the remaining six layers. This sealed box will forever hold this mystery.

We will never get to know these other aspects of the dream.

Education and Qualifications

2001 Master in Design, Faculty of Plastic, Decorative and Design Arts, University of Iasi, Romania
2006 Master in Luxury Products in Design, Mode’Spe, Paris France

Professional background

2013-2007 Associated designer at Lundi et Demi (Bureau of Architecture and Design, Paris and Bucharest)

2006-2007 Free-lance designer for Waterman, Karine Dupont and BB Consulting 2005-2013: Organization and teaching at Art Workshops (Atelier Trait d'Union, Paris, France)

2002-2004 Designer Amaro Design (Bucharest, Romania)

2001-2002 Conception and implementation of the International Fair of Visual Arts TIAV (Bucharest, Romania)


2017 PROJECT ROOM - group show, galerie bruno massa, New York City, USA

2016 Collective exhibition of ceramic objects (Maison et Objets, Paris, France)

2015 Collective exhibition of ceramic objects (Maison et Objets, Paris, France)

2013 Tunnel, solo exhibition of paintings (Trait d’Union, Paris, France)

2012 Design and renovation of the Elvira Popescu French Cinematheque (Bucharest, Romania)

2011 Set design of the French Embassy exhibition “Pasarela” (Bucharest, Romania)

2011 Set design for the launch of brand Murmur (Bucharest, Romania)

2011 Collective exhibition of design furniture (Young Talent Award, Design Week, Milano, Italy)

2010 Set design for the itinerary exhibition ViaDesign Paris (Bucharest, Romania)

2010 Design of the library of the French Cultural Institute (Bucharest, Romania)

2009 Set design of the Paul Morand Exhibition sponsored by the French Embassy at the National Archives (Bucharest, Romania)

2007 Solo exhibition “White”, art installation (Trait d’Union, Paris, France)

1996-2001 Several collective exhibitions of paintings and design objects (Iasi and Bucharest, Romania)

Prizes and nominations

2015 Residential Architecture Award of BATRA for “House for two families”
2013 Architecture of Cultural Heritage Award of BATRA for the Elvira Popescu French Cinemateque
2010 Finalist interior design at the Architecture Biennale for the design of the library of the French Cultural Institute at Bucharest

Rêve 3 - 3/7
indian ink on 7 blotting papers in plexiglas box
120 x 80 cm - 47,2 x 31,5 in

Rêve 9 - 5/7
indian ink on 7 blotting papers in plexiglas box
120 x 80 cm - 47,2 x 31,5 in

Rêve 4 - 3/7
indian ink on 7 blotting papers in plexiglas box
120 x 80 cm - 47,2 x 31,5 in

Rêve 8 - 3/7
indian ink on 7 blotting papers in plexiglas box
120 x 80 cm - 47,2 x 31,5 in