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Maison des Artistes: 1398939

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Born in 1981 in Osaka, Japan
Lives & works in Osaka, Japan

A white surface becomes the boundary which separates the viewer from the other side of the painting. In order to pursue where one meets the other – or the world, the artist has been walking on that boundary and making it my subject matter. Physical input, such as walking around the place where there seems to be a boundary and touching the earth, are important aspects of my artwork. This is because it seems necessary to carefully touch each one by one to actually “know the world”, or perceive the difference between one and the other. In the things produced during this process, Miki Wanibuchi believes there should be real action, traces and tracks of the artist, and this is what I create in my artwork as an artist. Furthermore, my objective is to provide the viewer with a chance to think about knowing others, and perceiving the world.

The artist think it is not so easy to truly know others, and we need imagination to understand that we are all different. In her recent works, people may feel that they cannot find any detailed explanations in the paintings, mostly covered with white, with the exception of a subtle hint of colour and texture, emerging from underneath or at the edges of the canvas. The white surface represents the abandonment of images and emotions of the artist and my intention is to make the viewer perceive the physical aspects of paint and canvas. The main concept is to allow the viewer to look beyond the white surface, in other words, to look closer at what is in between the canvas as an object and the image an artist would normally paint. The painter would like the viewer to pay attention to where the artist’s intention and evidence are hidden.

In recent society, our senses seem to have been become dulled; however, Miki believe that the silence in the pared-down painting leaves the viewer to hone their thinking and imagination in confronting this vagueness. An aesthetic may result from this, leading us to try to know others and the world, and as a result, The artist feel we will find a power in our pursuit to gently heal the world.


2012 MA, Arts University Bournemouth, UK
2005 Second Grade in Colour Coordination. By All Japan Fashion Teachers Inc.
2004 BFA, Kindai University, Japan

The 27th HOLBEIN Scholarship (2012-2013)

Solo Exhbitions

"Beyond", CHA no MA / TOKO no MA, Osaka
Styling Art Exhibition "Esprit Dandyism", Hankyu Men's Osaka, Osaka

Open Studio at artist’s new studio - studio ém, Osaka
"Touch the boundary", Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, Osaka
“Walking in Tenma Project”, Amano Gallery, Osaka

"Touch", gallery CLASS, Nara


"sora-no-iro ku-no-nioi", SoHo art gallery, Osaka

"kiwi – NOTHING BUT THE HORIZON", gallery CLASS, Ikoma

"sora-no-iro ku-no-nioi", MI.CA.Li. gallery, Osaka
"prologue", magatama café x dining, Osaka

"sora-no-iro ku-no-nioi", gallery CLASS, Ikoma

Group shows


Art Kaohsiung, galerie bruno massa, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
"Art Kansai + Pink Ribbon 2015" Women Artists' Group Show, LiNGUA World Café, Osaka
"ART FAIR ASIA / FUKUOKA 2015", Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel, Fukuoka (gallery CLASS)
"Minoh no Mori Artwalk 2015", Minoh Park and facilities on Takimichi, Minoh-city
"ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artist Art Festival) 2015", Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul [Korea]
"ART OSAKA 2015", Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka (galerie bruno massa)
"Love Art Fair", Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto [Canada] (galerie bruno massa)
"ART TAINAN 2015", Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan, Tainan [Taiwan] (gallery CLASS)
"ART FAIR TOKYO 2015", Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo (galerie bruno massa)

"CONTEXT", Art Miami Pavilion, Miami [US] (galerie bruno massa)
"Hang. Live with Art", REIJINSHA GALLERY, Tokyo
"(e)merge art fair", Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington DC [US] (galerie bruno massa)
"THE 11th UIWANG INTERNATIONAL PLACARD ART FESTIVAL 2014”, Baekun Lake Plaza in Uiwang City, Kyunggido [Korea]
"ART OSAKA 2014", Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka (galerie bruno massa)
"No.16 Meaning of Existence of Art", ART-IMAGINE GALLERY, Tokyo
"gallerism", KEIHAN City Mall, Osaka
"TRANSNATIONAL ART 2014", Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka
"Holbein selected scholars’ exhibition FUSEKI Spring 2014", REIJINSHA GALLERY, Tokyo

"Doors Art Fair", Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul (gallery CLASS)
"Emerging Directors’ Art Fair ULTRA 006", Spiral Garden, Tokyo (gallery KUU)
"KINDAI GEIJUTSU", Kintetsu Department Store ABENO HARUKAS, Osaka
"KOKUTEN The New Eyes - Young Artists’ Challenge", The National Art Center, Tokyo
"PRISM 2013", Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, Osaka
"Transnational Art 2013", Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka

"drawing exhibition act.3", gallery KUU, Tokyo
"dust - Postgraduate Show 2012", AUB, UK
"KENZAN", Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo

"ART SALAD 2011", SoHo art gallery, Osaka
"art for Lifeline", gallery KUU, Tokyo
"Transnational Art 2011", Osaka Contemporary Art Centre, Osaka

"art cube 4", SoHo art gallery, Osaka
"pictorial exhibition vol.6", gallery CLASS, Ikoma
"Exhibition of Japanese Artists", Rufus Lin Gallery, Canada

"Contemporary Art Independent CASO Exhibition 2009", CASO, Osaka

"Thumb-hold Exhibition", gallery CLASS, Ikoma
"Contemporary Art Independent CASO Exhibition 2008", CASO, Osaka

"Budding Artists Exhibition", gallery CLASS, Ikoma

"OMOTE-URA 3", gallery Kitanozaka, Kobe

"OMOTE-URA 2", galeria CERO, Osaka

"OMOTE-URA", galleria CERO, Osaka

"ominaeshi", Ko-un gallery, Osaka
"zakuro", Ko-un gallery, Osaka

OBP Arts Project "geijutsu-angya", Osaka Business Park, Osaka


2015 Minoh no Mori Artwalk 2015, member of Executive Committee, Minoh-city Osaka
2014 Works displayed in a model room, Global Front Tower, Tokyo (Support : REIJINSHA GALLERY, Tokyo)
2013 Minoh no Mori Artwalk 2013, member of Executive Committee, Minoh-city Osaka
2012 AUCB BA project "Mother Courage and Her Children", set painting assistant, UK
2011 Min Seok Kim’s projet "subspace", lighting assistant at test shooting, UK

Touch the Boundary, North
acrylic on canvas
45 x 45 cm - 17,7 x 17,7 in

Touch the Boundary, South
acrylic on canvas
45 x 45 cm - 17,7 x 17,7 in