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June 1st – June 5th 2017
Busan, South Korea

with Aurélie Bauer, Pascale Charrier-Royer, Fusako Ekuni, Teppei Ikehila, Fanny Lecoeur, Francesca Pompei, Park Seung-Soon, Jérémy Rebourgeard, Song Kwang-Yeon & Gilles Teboul

ART BUSAN started out as a regional event and has grown into an art fair, capturing the attention of the global community. This year, a jubilant contemporary art festival will be presented highlighted by a diverse range of programs and participation by major galleries from Korea and abroad.

ART BUSAN has established its title as a top tier art fair in Asia within four years with the first event in 2012. ART BUSAN has been hosted annually in the renowned city of Busan, with luxurious residential conditions, beautiful waterfronts, well-organized industrial infrastructure and world-class cultural art festivals. Kicking off with the VIP preview, this year’s international art fair will be held from June 1st to 5th at BEXCO.

by Gilles Teboul