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October 28th – November 1st 2016
Jiangsu (Chine)

with Nicole Breidt-Roche, Jean-Paul Clayette, Daniel Convenant, Grazia Danti, Michel Debuly, Monique Devalois, Igor Kubalek, Bernard Fièvre, Michel Guerini, Marie Miramont, Catherine Moncan, Daniel Paugam, Kyna de Schouel, Jean-Claude Sgro, Réjane de Tassigny & Gilles Teboul

Jiangsu International Art Fair and Highlighted Art Showcase of leading contemporary artists are an annual art festival that takes place in a modern city called Changzhou in Jiangsu province in China. An hour in land from Shanghai, the fair is in the major district of Changzhou in a highly innovative town called Huan Tai Hu Art City. It is privately-managed and funded by Huan Tai Hu Art City Development Corp, which leads as a platform to support and create a new international art market to contribute to the growth of China art businesses influencing global art World. The inaugural edition in 2014 was sponsored by the provincial government as well as the main government, which included galleries from over 10 countries. The second, 2015 edition became more international with a presentation from 20 countries, each welcoming over 200,000 visitors. For the third edition, the fair will even focus and highlight leading contemporary art and establish a beautiful harmonization between Chinese inland galleries and international galleries to move forward to get in the circle of Art business waves of China.
Jiangsu Art Fair will provide the most effective network building platform for art businesses in Global China.

Catherine de Moncan, La Boudeuse

Nicole Breidt Roche, Untitled