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February 14th – February 18th 2024
Los Angeles (USA)



The Most Comprehensive International Contemporary Art Show in America !

galerie bruno massa is delighted for its 5th participation to introduce the sculptor Scott Troxel with his series SMALL POPS at LA ART SHOW for a solo show in booth 1349 at Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

From an early age, Scott has been obsessed with modern art, color and design. He is a painter, sculptor and wall sculptor. Recently, a majority of his work has been in the form of wood mixed media wall sculpture because of the three dimensionnel medium process he does. He is always exploring materials and processes. Sometimes he uses repurposed and found materials and other times he purchases materials new.

Scott Troxel predominately works with wood as my base medium, due to its strength, dimension and organic nature. The inherent texture of wood combined with paint and other man made materials allow me to explore the concepts of old and young, worn versus new, organic versus man-made and the past versus the present and future. He looks to capture a sense of time in my work and often combine the feeling of different eras within a single piece. He sees this as a direct parallel with human life, as we too grow older and interact with other generations, both younger and older.

He is also particularly interested in items that were considered technologically or aesthetically advanced, only to be passed on by the consistency and tenacity of time. For example, an airplane boneyard where cutting edge fighter jets from the 60’s sit in forgotten decay. They are still beautiful to look at from a design standpoint, even though these are no longer modern in the sense that time and technology has passed them by. He is particularly inspired by mid-century modernism, where wood and organic shapes were combined with other materials to suggest a type of futurism, though now they are considered vintage. Time has passed on but these pieces remain in that context of when they were designed. He wants his works feel this way, somewhat nostalgic, aged and organic with the feeling that it could also be from a future time.

Scott Troxel

Acrylic on solid maple with texture and gloss finish
30.4 x 27,9 x 5 cm - 12 x 11 x 2 in

Scott Troxel

Acrylic and texture on solid maple with mahogany
35,5 x 27,9 x 12,7 cm - 14 x 11 x 5 in

Scott Troxel

False Idol II
Acrylic on solid maple matte clear coat
35,5 x 17,8 x 5,7 cm - 14 x 7,5 x 2,25 in

solo show with STEVEN MAXWELL
February 11th – March 22nd 2024

galerie bruno massa is pleased to introduce to an international audience MAXWELL STEVENS with LAST DAYS OF SUMMER a powerful collection of new oil paintings. Taking on the grand tradition of gestural abstraction inspired by the North Atlantic coast and especially along Long Island with de Kooning and Pollock, the artist superposes explosively energetic abstractions directly atop intimate beach scenes rendered with meticulous precision. Overpainted in jewel-like blues, aquas, and teal, they are a celebration of leisure, friendship, and family, as well as the mutually voyeuristic nature of public beaches where everyone is wilfully exposed.

Focusing on the populated shorelines and delving into a personal trove of beach photos taken over many summers spent at Long Beach, one of the most popular beaches near NYC and a summertime destination for many New Yorkers.

As an avid beachgoer, Maxwell Stevens spent his adolescence on the Atlantic coast. “Some of my most
memorable experiences have been at the beach, it’s a place of uninhibited leisure and of letting go of everything. At the same time, it is a place for reflection, a site for us to readjust through life’s journey. I want these paintings to convey that same positive effect on the viewer.” The artist’s visual language of sinuous contours and smears has given way to a burst of highly energetic expressions of scattered brushstrokes, sweeping gestures, drips, and plops of paint that fly across the paintings’ surfaces, immersing each scene into his own signature approach to abstraction. The looser and playful compositions skidding into and over the top of beachgoers, sunbathers, and surfers alike.In the large paintings filling the gallery, bright abstractions and figural compositions shift ceaselessly from image to image.

“Beach Scene, Siblings” presents a group of leisurely young sunbathers. The enticing position of the woman fixing her hair is counterbalanced with the innocence of her companions in the scene, as her sisters laugh and relax under their colorful beach umbrella. Hundreds of other beachgoers disappear onto the horizon. In “Beach Scene, In Repose” a young man sits in contemplation as friends chat under the hot sunlight. And in “Bikini Girl” the over-life-size figure turns powerfully away, her athletic physique and dominating scale displaying a sense of self-empowerment and grandeur balanced with classical beauty. In other works, figures, sand, and surf all dissolve entirely into luminous soft focus. In a final set of smaller panels entitled “Last Days of Summer” figures are seen at a distance conversing under stormy skies, as summertime draws to a close. There are many magical moments at play throughout the series, now on view.

Maxwell Stevens
Beach Grils (Friends)
Oil on canvas
135 x 183 x 5,5 cm - 53,1 x 72 x 2,1 in

Maxwell Stevens

Beach Scene (Siblings)
Oil on canvas
183 x 203,2 x 5.7 cm - 72 x 80 x 2,24 in

Maxwell Stevens

Bikini Girls
Oil on canvas
183 x 135 x 5,5 cm - 72 x 53,1 x 2,1 in

Maxwell Stevens

Beach Scene, In Repose
Oil on canvas
130 x 160 x 5,5 cm - 51,2 x 62,9 x 2,1 in